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Beginning 9/1/19




We will start a Point Comfort 18  ( Doug Hyland Boats )during the first week of September.  If you are interested now is the time to order!

Under Construction 5-23-18

Bay Power 23 Designed by Karl Stambaugh

CMD Boats

Length: 23′-0″
Beam: 8′-0″
Draft: 1′-6″
Weight: 4200 lbs
Power 80-120 hp


Church Skiffs

Currently we are building 2 Chuch Skiffs – This skiff was designed by Mark Bayne, Master Shipwright of Sea Island Boatworks LLC and Boatbuilding and Marine Lofting Instructor at Cape Fear Technical College.  This lightweight boat is rugged, stable, inexpensive to operate and completely maintenance free.  Lapstrake Cypress side planking over Mahogany frames and Okoume marine plywood bottom planking.  All epoxy construction and professionally built.  It will out perform and is more comfortable than any jon boat or fiberglass on the market.  Can be powered with a 5 to 25 HP.  Simple to row on the skinny water and drafts less than 5 inches of water.  Can be rigged with a long or short shaft.  15 hp runs all day on 3 gallons and is great for shrimping, oystering, hunting or site fishing on the flats.

  • Beam  56″
  • Length 13′ to 17′
  • Draft 4″-5″
  • Weight 190 lbs and up
  • Power up to 25 hp
  • Download a PDF of the Church Skiff Particulars



6 Responses to Our Current Projects

  1. saw Point Comfort 18 in Wooden Boat Magazine Small Boats and really thought ii is a sweet looker trying to downsize boat and power (1972 aquasport with a 90 hp ) might be something I could build Church Skiff is also a nice looking and about size I am thinking about can you tell a little about both

  2. Chip Ivey says:

    Great looking work. How much will the PC 18 go for? Are these pre-sold?

  3. jack says:

    Chip, the PC 18 will costs about $13,000 but that could vary depending on upgrades. The boats are not pre-sold but most are sold before the hull is turned.

  4. Gary Ochs says:

    Hi would like to have more information on your 15 ft skiff. I am looking for something small enough to fish for red and etc using a small motor. What type of layouts do you have for the 15 ft skiff and where are you located. I would like to know the specs on this boat,
    Thank you

  5. Mike Johnson says:

    Will you be at the Georgetown Boat Show and will you be bring a Church Skiff?

  6. Michael Joyner says:


    I just wanted to say how very pleased I am with the construction of my Bay Power 23 Cruiser. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is outstanding in every way. I appreciate you working closely with me through each step of the building process to deliver a traditional looking modern boat that will stand the test of time and perfectly meet my cruising goals.

    Very best regards,

    Michael Joyner

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